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“By losing touch with reality.” Political scientist explaining the Pope’s statement about negotiations with the Russian Federation

Pope Francis will not hesitate to make ambiguous statements before the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. We can assume that we have lost connection with political reality.

Political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko stated this in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

The Pope bolsters the authority of the Vatican

The political scientist says that Ukraine is not could not react to the words of a person who despises the largest religious community in the world. It is even more important that representatives of countries with Catholic populations came out with harsh criticism.

“For us, the position of the major leaders of the foreign countries is important. This does not mean that we respectfully fraternize them, but that their position is infused with our position. As Francis is complaining, he has repeatedly stated that called out criticism to the huge idea in Ukraine “It’s not good for the prospects of the peaceful process,” he said in a commentary for RBC-Ukraine.

Behind the words of Fesenko, on the authority of Papi, these words should be taken into account. With this rank, he maintains his authority and the authority of the Vatican. Also, he not only does not accept the Vatican’s claims to the role of peacemaker, but, on the contrary, such chances are fewer.

For the words of the Pope, the 87th pontiff has been vindicated for coining the phrase “high ensign” according to RSI journalist Lorenzo B uchella. These words themselves are worthwhile, trying to clarify Francis’s position in the context of debates between those who “ask for the courage to surrender and raise the white flag,” and those who care about legitimizing the actions of the aggressor.

A Reuters report on the basis of the news has emerged that the Pope has for the first time lived up to the expressions of “great ensign” and “perturbations” in the context of this war.

Francis’s call had to be explained by the Vatican press service. As Director Matteo Bruni stated, the “White Ensign” was understood incorrectly.

“Papa vikorista image of the white ensign, the interviewer's appointments, looming in the respect of the appointed guardian, the truce that is always available to begin negotiations. In another place of this interview, talking about our situation of conflict, but looming on our respect be it Given the situation of war, the Pope clearly stated: “Negotiations do not mean capitulation,” indicating guilt.

The Pope made connections with political reality

With the understanding that Vatican representatives will eventually have to come to the truth for Francis, probably talk verbally about the difficulties of translation or interpretation.

“We should not be afraid of seemingly ambiguous statements. It seems that I have lost connection with political reality. You are alive in a parallel world. I on the right here is not that in the yogo betting to Vіini Rosyї Affaisan, ” – Viada Fesenko.

This is a half -ranking, papa to chase ahead, I, the Vicclica criticism of the Catholic Kratylitsky, is in vige. discredit the authority of the church bishop.

About the position of the Pope before the war in Ukraine, scandalous words and those that signify the trend towards the convergence of our country before the negotiations, – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

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