• 25/07/2024 14:13

Callas called for the confiscation of Russia's frozen assets before the US elections

Zakhid is guilty of confiscating Russia's frozen assets before the US elections.

This was stated by the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas, RBC-Ukraine reported in a statement to the Financial Times.

Such a statement became another sign of the concern of Europeans that another presidency of Donald Trump could impact the politics of go shodo Russia and the support of Ukraine.

“Elections are always a turbulent hour. From now on, everything can be done better before the important elections,” Kallas said.

In her words, the confiscation of Russian assets has become a an additional tool that could help put an end to the war.

“This is the economic pressure that we can put on growth Our economy to speed up the turnaround in this war “, she said.

The certainty that Trump will become the candidate of the Republican Party in the US presidential election has created riches in Europe, especially after the rumors about those who will tell Russia robity “all , whatever they want with the NATO countries, which do not spend enough money on defense.

Confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation

Like the last fate, the Western press wrote about those that the United States transferred to the countries of the “Great Family” conference snatch up frozen Russian assets from Russia 300 billion dollars for the cost of Ukraine. They wanted to wait until the 24th of 2024 for the initiative, but the plan is still being discussed between the partners.

As stated by the Intercessor of the Minister of Justice Irina Mudraya, on which date Ukraine will provide insurance for the transfer of 4 miles Yards of dollars from frozen in G7 countries and EU Russian assets.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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