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Cameron will defend the interests of Ukraine at the G20 ministerial meeting and the UN Security Council meeting, – Politico

In Rio de Janeiro, the British minister may have an “uncomfortable” meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Cameron will defend Ukraine's interests at G20 ministerial meeting and meeting< /p> British Foreign Secretary David Cameron in Warsaw, February 15, 2024 </p>
<p>British Foreign Secretary David Cameron is preparing to defend Ukraine's interests at a number of international events, most notably at the security conference in Munich today and at the G20 foreign ministers' meeting, writes Politico .</p>
<p>The British minister will also be a lobbyist for Kiev at a meeting of the UN Security Council next week and during a telephone conversation with his G7 colleagues.</p>
<p>The G20 ministerial meeting will take place on 21-22 February in Rio de Janeiro, in particular, Cameron's Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov will visit her. A formal bilateral meeting of ministers is not planned, but the possibility of a shorter tete-a-tete cannot be ruled out, which could become “uncomfortable.”</p>
<p>“It will be noisy,” one British official predicted. Subscribe to our Telegram channel </p>
<p>Lavrov’s last official meeting with the British Foreign Secretary was frosty at best. Liz Truss met him a few days before Russia invaded Ukraine. When her successor James Cleverly eight months later condemned Moscow for “dishonesty and disinformation” at the UN Security Council, Lavrov had already left the room. : “I don’t want us to show the weakness that we showed against Hitler in the 1930s.” </li>
<li>He also called on other countries to demonstrate “unity”, the minister believes that they “have the will to see things through (according to assistance to Ukraine – ed.) to the end.”</li>
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