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Canada stated that it is ready to send military personnel to Ukraine, but its mind is important

Canada is open for sending a limited number of military services to Ukraine well. Canadian troops will not take part in combat operations, but are ready to recruit Ukrainian soldiers.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a message to Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair in an interview with the Toronto Star.

He noted that the idea of ​​​​sending in the military was discussed at the beginning of this year in Paris, while he was still present. Although Canada, like many other NATO countries, opposed the ideas of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Blair announced a possible non-combat mission of the Canadian military. There is talk of sending a combined number of military servicemen to take over the Ukrainian military forces in the territory of Ukraine, so that such an operation will be carried out far beyond the front line.

As it means, without pekova land between Canada and Ukraine, signed last weekend, conveys that Canada can carry out initial activities in Ukraine, “if its mind allows.”

What did it mean

It seems that French President Emmanuel Macron did not include the possibility that NATO could introduce troops to help Ukraine. The main problem, in his words, lies in the fact that the daily consensus on good nutrition is in conflict.

Low NATO countries have already opposed this idea, Zokrema, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy ii.

In this case, countries that are ready to consider such a possibility, for example, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Which partners are actively preparing to engage their armies in the war – read our material.

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