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Cheap and not safe. What kind of UMPB bombs did Russia hit Kharkov with?

This year, the Russians attacked Kharkov with the latest UMPB D-30 ammunition. The blow fell on a residential microdistrict, as a result of which a building was damaged, one person died, and about 20 others were injured.

RBC-Ukraine has picked up a story about a new Russian bomb.

< em>When preparing the material, the following were used: analysis of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), statement of the head of the Kharkiv regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov, the intercessor of the chief of the regional police Sergei Bol Vinova, speaker of the Defense Forces of Tavria directly Dmitry Likhovy, speaker of the Air Force Illya Yvlash, publications Defense Express and The War Zone,


  • Kharkiv and not less: where the UMPB has already “arrived”
  • How the UMPB revealed its unique characteristics
  • Why is this new news for Ukraine?
  • How to fight against the UMPB and why are there F-16 flights

Kharkov and no less: where have the UMPB already “arrived”

On Wednesday, 27 February, at approximately 15:50, Russian troops launched two strikes on the Shevchenkivsky district of Kharkov. It was reported to the Institute of Emergency Surgery that a number of five surfaces were damaged. One of the bombs hit the children's Maidan, the vibukh's blade tore off the facades and balconies of the booths that stood guarded.

The fire damaged at least 14 surfaces, a school, a kindergarten, a hospital and other infrastructure. As they reported to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, the death of the 59-strong man. Another 19 people were injured, among them children, including three months of inactivity.

Photo: inheritance of the UMPB in Kharkov (t.me/synegubov)

The prosecutor's office began an investigation into the fact of violation of laws and war, accompanied by murder (Part 2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). According to previous data, the attack was commanded by two unified interspecies gliding ammunition UMPB

“This is the first episode when the armored forces of Russia hit this type of ammunition locally. The ammunition was released from taka”, – I was informed.

Following the words of the intercessor of the regional police chief Sergei Bolvinov, another arrival at the school. Vin also called the UMPB D-30SN cheap analogues of a winged missile, manufactured on the basis of the FAB-250 aircraft bomb. And the attack by air bombs, in principle, became the first fate of 2022 for Kharkov.

UMPB D-30SN is the newest plant, which has been vikoristed at least since the first decade of birch, since three influxes were recorded near Myrnograd (Donetsk region). As the speaker of the Tavriysky Defense Forces Dmitro Likhovy said directly, this is a shorter version of the cored air bombs. And the development of bombs with additional functions and power plants is planned to indicate a new stage in the development of Russian cabs.

Before the occupation, such ammunition was once again frozen. Several bombs hit a residential area near the town of Mykolayivka (Donetsk region). I had been gone about the cluser of 11 bagat-top-top-tops that 11 privileges, and such about bending Zhinka 1958 Roku people.

yak Zamilovavili UMPB that yaki, characteristics

about the UMPB d-30sn vidomo non-bagato. In essence, they lack ammunition due to the additionally installed module with wings and steering surfaces. This allows you to plan to a goal and adjust the trajectory based on data from the navigation block.

Analysts at the Institute of Warfare (ISW) expressed respect for those who back in the day Russians used uncoated gliding bombs, but recently so-called “Z-military men” began to write about the UMPB. Zokrem, about its design and plans to equip it with jet engines to reach a range of 90 km.

“Russian armies, obviously, will try to serially vibrate the cerated planned bombs of the UMPB and zb “To improve their vigor on the front line” , – was found in one of the bereznevyh news.

The Russians had different types of similar bombs, explains military expert, ZSU reserve major Oleksiy Hetman.

“From now on, the old “stupid” FABs were the first high-explosive aircraft bombs. While the stinks were flying far away, the occupiers began to vikorize the universal modules for planning and correcting the UMPC. Far away – the KAB aircraft bombs, so It's the same as FAB, only it gets stuck there homing head with GPS navigation. These heads will always ensure precise engagement with the target. As the Russians themselves write, the accuracy is 7-8 meters, but in practice it comes out to 15″, – according to in the comments of RBC-Ukraine.

Should UMPB, then the price is a new device that can be installed on KAB, FAB or on another bomb. You can turn on the powder charge to reach a range, according to unconfirmed data, up to 100-140 km at the time of launch, adding Getman.

The head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, said that on Wednesday the enemy, attacking from the Bilgorod region, UMPB entered Kharkiv from different sides – from the evening before entering – in an attempt to reveal the methods of anti-aircraft defense. In his words, the launch of aircraft from Su type aircraft.

“Vin (ammunition – ed.) can completely cover the place of Kharkiv, any region. News to the population points of the Kharkiv region, in the area from which distance to the cordon there will be a launch,” adding Vin.

Vin also said that the UMPB is already building to attack targets at a distance of up to 90 km , otherwise there will be residual information after the examination.

Russian citizens, of course, inhaled the American GBU-39 SDB bomb, write Defense Express. Although it is high-precision, the Russian analogue still demonstrates its prowess in living areas.

“All of these Russian ammunition, which are adjusted, planned, and so on, are of varying accuracy. Ale stinks far from highly accurate,” Hetman said.

The word “interspecies” means that ammunition can be launched not only from front-line Su-34 bombers, but also from the ground. Both from multiple rocket launcher systems such as “Smerch”, “Tornado” and “Hurricane”.

According to the American portal The War Zone, launching from ground systems means that the Russians can increase the range of their missiles without the need to risk expensive tactical aircraft. In contrast to the cabs that the bolt-on guidance kit provided, the UMPB has a more “elegant design.” Unfortunately, there is no exact information. Some people would like to write about those with ammunition bases on uncoated FAB-250 (load weight 250 kg) in an airframe with hanging wings. Others – about those whose basis is the KAB-250 with laser guidance.

The guidance system is upgraded to the “Comet” type, which combines both inertia and satellite navigation. Vaughn is stuck not only in ceramic bombs, but also in the abbreviated version of the Iranian “shaheeds”. The combination of satellite navigation with inertial navigation makes it possible to overcome problems with the functions of the REB.

Why is this new for Ukraine

Theoretically, such a defense could ensure the control of targets behind the front line without the need to touch the road. In the minds of the trivial invasion of the dupomogty, Rosіyskiyi Vіskovy Machini,

Shroki at the Kvitni 2023 Rocks in the crushing forces of Ukraine, the Rosiyani launch the planned bomb, do not go into the zone of the DIA of the PPO. Since that time, officials have repeatedly commented on the complexity of the accumulation of ammunition. Looking at it, it is obvious that the UMPB wiki is better than burying the problem.

According to Oleksiy Hetman, the ammunition was disintegrated as an analogue of the American GLSDB bomb-missile – ground-based small-diameter bombs, like Vikorist Ukraine, launched from the M270 and M142 HIMARS systems.

“This, of course, is not a missile. The ammunition does not have such capabilities; it cannot turn 180 degrees in the field, like a missile. It’s easier to maneuver and adjust the trajectory,” he said.

The War Zone analysts say that Russia's introduction of its small-diameter bombs is a bad news. In addition, there are growing threats for the Ukrainian PPO systems to such a level that has not happened before.

Right now, the Russians are abandoning the testing site for the UMPB D-30SN from the front-line regions of Ukraine .

“Their stinks have begun to be active. I think that in this way they are trying to compensate for the shortage of artillery shells of 152-mm caliber. Will such bombs stink again? Of course, there will be. General Sirsky (chief commander of the ZSU, – ed.) It seems that Relationship 1: 6, then the occupiers will fire six times more shells. But all this is not enough, because they are trying to achieve their tactics – destroy everything, and then enter with ground forces. How many will launch the UMPB? It’s a pity that the fact is that it’s so, so many.” , – Hetman added.

How to fight against the UMPB and why are there F-16 flights

With the help of the UMPB D-30, the Russian aggressor is developing new ways of war against Ukraine. According to the riverman of the Insurgent Forces, Illy Yvlash, the enemy is modifying bombs in order to terrorize peaceful places.

“There (at the fall with the strike on Kharkov, – ed.) there was a whole system so that this bomb could cover a longer route, the original bomb without such modification. It’s important that they try and such ways of war,” he said on air telethon .

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Vin also noted that the defense forces can fight against ceramic bombs, but also objectively beat down the noses – Su-flyers 34 and Su-35.

“Liquidation of the nose is more effective in the face of stagnation of this type and has become a target for vikoristan aircraft near the line of defense,” – adding Vin.

Reacting to the attack on March 27, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the threat of repeated attacks could be reduced by strengthening the air force. He agreed with his visiting partners, declaring that “there are no rational explanations for the fact that Patriot, of which there are plenty in the world, still does not cover the sky of Kharkov.” And also calling the rapid removal of the richly functional low-cost F-16s from vitally important tasks.

In Hetman’s opinion, it is absolutely unnecessary to pull together the Patriot at once, since Ukraine is taking them away from them greater quantity. The flights of the incoming aircraft must be completely turned back from this, so as not to allow enemy aircraft to enter the launch zone.

“The splinters of the Russian aircraft operate without entering our strike zone PPO, we need F-16, “In any case, if the bomb is still flying, it is practically impossible to overcome them,” he added.

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