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Childhood without worries: how to find psychological help for children

War is seriously affecting the psychoemotional state of children and children, children and children x one of the most diverse categories. It is important to know where you can get free mental health support for Ukrainians who are underage.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a communication to the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The greatest and most important encouragement for a child is this family. Fathers can use resources from time to time to help children with psycho-emotional conditions, for example:

  • howareu.com;
  • Ti yak?
  • UNICEF Ukraine.

Professional assistance:

Since father's encouragement and self-help techniques are rarely available, you can get help from professionals.

  • Go back to the pediatrician. More than 4,650 pediatricians have completed the mhGAP program, which allows them to:

    • Conduct screening for the presence of mental disorders.
    • Let's take care to preserve mental health.
    • Check with a university specialist.
  • < p data-sourcepos="19:3-19:167">Go back to the child psychiatrist. You do not need a referral from a pediatrician. Currently, 257 child psychiatrists provide cost-free services in 330 locations throughout the country.

  • Consult your family doctor or general practitioner. 5870 family doctors and 1157 therapists have completed training in the mhGAP program and can provide cost-free services under the package “Support and treatment of adult children with mental disorders in the primary level of medical care.”

More resources:

Interactive map: find the doctor you need.

Since it is not possible to quickly obtain a card, call the NHSU contact center at number 16-77 or the Ministry of Health contact center at number 0-800-60-20-19 and ask about a doctor for your child.

Psychological support lines:

  • RUCH: https://poruch.me/teenagers
  • Teenergizer: https://teenergizer.org/consultations/
  • National “hotline” for children and young people in La Strada: 0 800 500 225 (from mobile or landline) or 116 111 (from mobile).
  • < li>Not dribnitsy: https://www.notrivia.com.ua

  • Line from the charitable foundation “Voices of Children”: https://voices.org.ua/i-need-help/mental- help-for-kids/
  • Line for avoiding suicide Lifeline Ukraine: 7333 (tsilodobovo).

Pam' say:

  • Your child is not self-made.
  • There are a lot of resources that can help them overcome the emotional legacies of war.
  • Don’t hesitate to commit suicide for further assistance.

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