• 21/07/2024 10:00

China considers the possibility of Ukraine and Switzerland participating in a peace conference

China considers the possibility of participating in a peace conference directly following the outbreak of war in Ukraine No, because Switzerland is neutral plans to spend the next month.

The Ambassador of China to Switzerland, Wang Shiten, stated this, RBC-Ukraine reported on his interview with the Neue Zuercher Zeitung newspaper.

“China is speaking “for the promotion of peace negotiations and will continue to be sensitive to this. And we also presented a strategy for politically escalating the conflict: it is necessary to respect the territorial sovereignty of all countries and comply with the UN Statute,” he said.

Behind these words, all sides are moving to deal with the war. “It is our responsibility not to allow the crisis to worsen or for it to get out of control. We are closely monitoring the Ukrainian conference that Switzerland will accept, and we consider the possibility of participation,” added the ambassador.

Van Shiten stated , what it is necessary to “encourage Russia and Ukraine to engage in the most recent direct dialogue so that the situation can be gradually de-escalated.”

Global World Summit

It seems likely that Ukraine has already organized a number of conspirators behind the formula to the world on the equal footing of the heads of powers from whom they took their fate dozens of countries. The main goal is to get as many countries as possible to support such initiatives.

At the beginning of 2024, Ukraine and Switzerland have begun preparations before the Global World Summit, which will be held on the іні heads of power.

At this point Switzerland has asked China to take part in the peace conference before Ukraine, as that fate may come to pass.

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