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Commanders and law enforcement officers summed up the year: Ukraine survived thanks to soldiers

Командующие и правоохранители подвели итоги года: Украина выстояла благодаря воинам

photo: ground forces

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and heads of Ukrainian departments reported on 2023, and also announced some plans.

Source: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces Alexander Syrsky, Commander of the Air Force Nikolai Oleshchuk, Chairman of the SBU Vasily Malyuk, Head of the State Border Guard Service Sergei Deineko

Zaluzhny’s direct speech : “The year 2023 is coming.

Another difficult year of our struggle for our land and freedom. This was the year when Ukraine survived. It survived thanks to you – Ukrainian soldiers and sailors, sergeants and officers. Thanks to each of you!

I thank our military for their steadfastness and dedication to the great cause of defending Ukraine. I bow my head to the Ukrainian soldiers who died in battles for their Motherland. They are forever in our hearts.
2024 will not be easy. The fight for freedom and the future of our children continues. I believe that we will pass all the tests with dignity and step by step we will continue to bring our Victory closer!”

Syrsky’s direct speech : “In 2022, we showed the whole world our invincibility by stopping and driving back the invaders. In 2023, we continued to approach our victory, preventing the enemy from achieving success.

Today we continue to hold the eastern front so that the destructive “Russian world” does not come to Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka, Liman, Kupyansk and other Ukrainian cities.

We reject the enemy and reclaim Ukrainian land at every opportunity, proving to the whole world that we can return what is ours.”

Direct speech from Oleschuk : “The year 2023 is ending, but the war for our freedom, for our future and our values does not end!

We understand perfectly well how powerful the enemy is before us, and we know that it will not be easy in this fight. We hope for strong support from our allies in 2024, but, first of all, we count on our own strength!

Inflicting painful blows on military targets, air defense systems, manpower and equipment of the enemy, Ukrainian pilots most of all want to do their job even more efficiently next year.

In 2024, we will receive Western aircraft, more American, British and French-made bombs and missiles. This will help us fight the enemy, liberate our land, clear our sky and sea of Russian rubbish.”

Malyuk’s direct speech : “2023 has become another heroic page of the Ukrainian people in the fight against the enemy. We have once again shown the world our invincibility and unity.

Every day the Defense Forces do their utmost to make Ukraine one step closer to Victory.

We stand firmly on our land. The best sons and daughters of Ukraine give their lives for her. It was also defended by our glorious Cossack ancestors. Because will and freedom have always been the highest value for Ukrainians.

This mental connection between warriors of different generations is still felt today, helping us in the fight against the enemy.

It is not for nothing that the unique technical development of the Security Service of Ukraine – the sea baby drones with which we hit the Crimean Bridge and many Russian warships – was created precisely based on the prototype of the Cossack “Chaika”.

The SBU is inspired by its glorious history and at the same time is constantly looking for new technological solutions to give the enemy as many surprises as possible. This year we managed to carry out many planned special operations on land and at sea.

Our drones are burning Russian equipment to smithereens. Snipers reach targets at record distances. Counterintelligence and military counterintelligence apprehend traitors and collaborators in order to clean out the fifth column within the country.

Cyber specialists fend off thousands of Russian cyber attacks while protecting critical infrastructure. And SBU investigators qualitatively document all war crimes of the Russian Army.”

Details: Head of the State Border Guard Service Deineko celebrates the New Year on the front line with border guards.

Deineko’s direct speech : “We continue to do everything possible for this and we will not stop fighting for our freedom, independence, our people, territorial integrity, our cities and villages.

Ukrainians have overcome many difficulties, but there is still a lot of work left. However, I am convinced that we can do anything! Through joint efforts, with a common desire and in unity, we will overcome this path.

I am sincerely grateful to the border guards – my subordinates, my brothers and sisters. Guys, I'm proud of you! You courageously defend our country as part of the defense forces and, together with other Ukrainian defenders, continue to break the plans of the occupiers. You show extraordinary courage on the front line while repelling enemy attacks and liberating territories. I constantly see your resilience and desire to cleanse Ukraine of occupiers. You strengthen and protect the border of our state in all directions and at the same time continue to fight.

Dear combat friends! Dear Ukrainians!

We remain worthy sons and daughters of the Heroic Ukrainian people. Eternal honor and glory to the Heroes and all the people whose lives were cut short by the war unleashed by Russia.

May the new year give us strength and endurance for further struggle, make our dreams come true and bring the long-awaited Victory of Ukraine over the invaders.”

More details : MTR warriors showed their 2023rd in a video.


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