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Continuation of the Champions League 17th quarter: new schedule of matches in the middle

The quarterfinal stage of the 2023/24 Champions League will end with two playoff matches in the middle . The previous tickets to the semi-finals in Zmagan were won by the French “Paris Saint-Germain” and the Dortmund “Borussia”.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on the official website of the tournament.

At 22:00 matches are scheduled in Munich and Manchester after Kiev hour. The gentlemen will end the confrontation with visas on their shoulders.

“Bavaria” will host London's “Arsenal”. Just this week, Munich made peace with the Gunners after goals from Gnabr and Kane (2:2). This week, Oleksandr Zinchenko's team also experienced setbacks in the English Championship, having lost an important match against Aston Valley.

At Etihad there will be another pre-line final between Manchester City and Real Madrid. In the capital of Spain, the teams ruled the current goal festival, recording a productive draw (3:3) with a low number of beautiful goals scored. Andriy Lunin is responsible for starting the “tops”.

All fights are shown on the official broadcaster of the tournament – ​​the MEGOGO media service. There you can watch the matches live in the “Maximum” and “Sport” subscriptions. The broadcast will also be available to Volia TV subscribers through the “MEGOGO Football” channels.

Replay of the mid-match matches in the 1/4 finals of the Champions League:

Before the word, PSG beat Barcelona for the most part in the quarter finals of the League champions.

It seems that the end of Team's championship series with Bayern was announced earlier.

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