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Continued protection: what you can get out of the Czech Republic before your new visa is issued

Registration for the extension of the time-hour protection in the Czech Republic runs from 8 a.m. to 15 p.m. After this, you can get a new visa sticker from a dedicated MBC, which will give you the right to travel to other countries of the Schengen zone.

You can travel from the Czech Republic without a visa, RBC-Ukraine sp. є s sent to proukrainu.blesk.cz.

After registering online for the extension of the time limit in the Czech Republic, you will need to obtain a visa sticker from the branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A visit to the department may be in progress until 30 June 2023 – until what time is the tenth hour after online registration extended.

Nowadays, rich Ukrainians say they can leave the Czech Republic as long as they don’t have a new visa sticker. On the information portal for foreigners it is stated:

“Travel to other parts of the Schengen zone is only possible with a valid foreign passport and a valid visa sticker.”

The Czech Republic informed other parts of the Schengen zone about the “Confirmation of electronic registration for the extension of the time limit”. We recommend that Ukrainians check their minds when entering the country. A special confirmation does not replace a foreign passport or visa sticker.

Ukrainians must take the following:

  • In order to travel from the Czech Republic without a visa, it is necessary to attract, destroy and take with you confirmation of successful registration for continued travel due to temporary protection;
  • It is better to avoid traveling to extreme destinations that do not enter the Schengen zone (Crimea of ​​Ukraine).

Confirmation of successful registration can be obtained from your cloud record of the correspondent on the information portal for foreigners. The document appears after successful online registration for the extension of the temporary protection.

I guess we wrote how to register for the extension of the protection in the Czech Republic. We have made the main adjustments and options for their correction.

We also learned how Ukrainians can obtain documents from the Czech Republic. There are special Czech POINT points throughout the country.

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