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Danilov: 20 percent of the Russian fleet is no longer there

Данилов: 20 процентов флота РФ уже нет

Alexmey Danilov, photo: Dmitry Larin

Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov said that 20% of the Russian fleet “is no longer there.”

Source : Danilov in an interview with Voice of America

Direct speech : “Of course, we would like to have a much better situation for the liberation of our territories.

But in parallel with this process, very large and important events took place in the Black Sea. Regarding this situation, 20% of the Russian Federation fleet is no longer there.

And these are not some kind of scows for 5-30 people. These are huge warships that we sent to where we sent the famous flagship of the Black Sea Fleet “Moscow” on April 13, 2022.

And what happened today (December 26 – ed.) at night is clear confirmation that our military has an understanding of the Crimean issue. And for us it is extremely important, like the rest of our territories.”

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