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Despite the shelling of the Russian Federation, a surplus was recorded in the Ukrainian energy system yesterday

On February 2, a surplus of electricity arose in the Ukrainian energy system.

A surplus of electricity appeared in the energy system of Ukraine on February 2, despite the shelling of the Russian Federation. The surplus with a total supply of 1,600 MWh was transferred to Poland.

The Ministry of Energy informs about this.

“Two units of thermal power plants and one unit of thermal power plants underwent short-term repairs; after completion of the work, the block and building of thermal power plants were connected to the network. There are six units of thermal generation in reserve, which will be brought in if necessary,” the message says.

Currently, the import of electricity is projected to be 9,979 MW-hour, while at the same time, export to Moldova is expected to be 810 MW-hour.

It is also known that two thermal power plant units and one thermal power plant unit have been repaired, at the same time, after the completion of emergency work, the block and building of thermal power plants were connected to the network.

There are 6 thermal generation units in reserve, which will be used if necessary.

Due to night shelling, the thermal power plant equipment was also partially de-energized. Consumers were left without electricity. Now power engineers are working to restore power supply.

“Given that over the past week the enemy has attacked power facilities in the Dnepropetrovsk region for the third time, in Krivoy Rog, in order to stabilize the situation and carry out renewable work, power engineers were forced to apply emergency shutdown schedules for consumers,” they explained. at the ministry.

In addition, at night there were malfunctions in the operation of control equipment at a 220 kV substation in the Nikolaev region. The circumstances are being clarified.

In the Chernigov region, as a result of shelling, wires on supports were broken. They were de-energized in one settlement, all consumers were already connected to the power supply.

For technical reasons, 110 kV lines were disconnected in the Odessa region, household consumers were de-energized in two settlements, all were healed.


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