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Discussion on transferring Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine will continue, – German MP

According to Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, the European Union should be much faster on the issue of supplying weapons to Kiev – act today, not tomorrow.

In Germany, there is a discussion about the transfer Ukraine will continue to receive Taurus long-range missiles.

The head of the Bundestag Defense Committee Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said this at a panel discussion in “We will continue the discussion about missiles,” noted a member of parliament who has long demanded adoption decisions in favor of Kiev.

Struck-Zimmermann emphasized the importance of interrupting the supply chains of the Russian army, for which powerful German missiles would be very necessary. “In general, Germany really does a lot in terms of military assistance to Ukraine and if anything “she decided that she “does it in a very German way,” that is, reliably,” added Strack-Zimmermann.

In her opinion, the European Union, which is Kiev’s main partner in arms supplies, should be much more faster – act today, not tomorrow.

The deputy emphasized that all EU countries should increase joint efforts with the help of Ukraine, because this matter is not a matter of bilateral relations. She did not agree that there is a shortage of money for weapons in Europe, noting that it is a matter of political will. Taurus deliveries.

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