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“Diya” has no agendas or elections planned, – Fedorov

The Unified Portal of Government Services “Diya” does not plan to display the agenda and elections. The site “Diya” opens the code for subscribers from all over the world.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with messages at the first-premiere of digital transformation Mikhail Fedorov in the telethon.

” There are no agendas or elections planned,” he said.

Recently he announced that he plans to crack the code. From the point of view of openness, insight and technological effectiveness, an extremely important person has been born. We danced over him for a long time. And the item will have an unlocked code. So the people from all over the world will be able to marvel at how “Diya” works, – he said.

“Diya” beats in the hour of voting in the European Union

I guess it’s 3 months before the hour of the voting in the national parliament bora for the song competition “Eurobachennya” -2024″. at the zastosunku “Diya” it became sbiy. The efforts of specialists to increase the efforts of the service did not produce positive results.

As Deputy Prime Minister Mikhailo Fedorov informed about the digital transformation, a record number of contributors for the entire history of the project was recorded in the “Diya” project: 15 thousand. ask for a second.

What is “Diya”

“Diya” is a mobile app, a web portal and a brand of a digital power in Ukraine, developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Functions of “Diya” “:

  • Storing digital documents: passport, water certificate, certificate of nationality, IPN and others.
  • Retrieving government services: registration of private entrepreneurs, child support, registration of subsidies and a lot of others.
  • Payment of fines: for violating traffic rules, for untimely payment of utility bills.
  • Voting in elections: online voting for an additional electronic signature.
  • < li>Distribution to the authorities: submission of requests, skargs, propositions.

Commencement on the 6th of 2024:

  • Number of koristuvachs: over 20 million.< /li>
  • Number of available services: 72 on the portal and 9 in the mobile app.
  • Number of digital documents: 15.

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