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Do you know more about the TCC? How will the appearance of the UBI become “automatic”: analysis of the new law

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine praised bill No. 10062, which launches a full-fledged electronic government . In addition, the status of participant in combat operations (UBD) will be automatically granted, and the transfer of IT systems to the gloomy gatherings behind the cordon will be allowed.

Report on the changes – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following were reviewed: the text and supporting documents to bill No. 10062, the statement of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the ZSU, the Telegram channel of the head of Yaroslav Zheleznyak and the Facebook of the secretary of the parliamentary committee for nutrition of defense and national security Roman Kostenko. < /em>

A new law is needed

The bill was supported by 249 people's deputies. As people's deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak told Golos, he was praised after long complex discussions and the failure of many amendments.

It is significant that the statement of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the ZSU talks about those that the document unlocks digitalization army, allowing it to operate “more mobile and more effectively both on the battlefield and in the home.”

The law is called critically important.

< em>“The implementation of this provision is acceptable to the Swedish collection, collection and collection of military data, as well as the determination of the transfer of services and processes for military services to a manual digital format,” reads the application.

To put it briefly, there are three main blocks. One of them is the strengthening of cybersecurity by placing IT systems in the dark places of NATO member states. It will also be possible to create digital military-regional documents (certificates) and transfer them to the “Oberig” Register of Conscripts, Military Conscripts and Reservists.

In addition, a portal of electronic services will be created, with the help of which it will be possible to register the UBD status online, offline or automatically if the required data is available in the system.

Register of military conspirators. What data is entered into “Oberig”

Regardless of those who praised the first law on the electronic Register of military conspirators, it is unfortunate that the complete transition of the military to “digital” never materialized. As a result, it often happened that those who were mobilized were encouraged to write subpoenas and be drawn to appear as swindlers. In addition, military workers are very little interested in data in the TCC when changing family life, place of work, living too.

The actual readiness of the “Amulet” was announced last fall. I liked the digitalization of processes based on the “Diya” service, although Volodymyr Fityo, a river officer of the ZSU Ground Forces, said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine that “Oberig” is still not synchronized with other registries. I also praise bill No. 10060 to allow most cases not to be addressed until the notification ends.

At the Intercessor of the Minister of Defense for digital development, digital transformation and digitalization Katerina Chornorenko said that in this database we are looking for Ukrainians who can be mobilized.

“The planned work of the new one (“Amulets” – ed.) has been completed, we have increased the register by 750 thousand entries, verified the data until 88%,” she added.

It is significant that the first time the bill was read, it was praised for the beginning of leaf fall in 2023. Before the next hour of preparation, hundreds of edits were submitted. For example, it was necessary to enter data to the Register of 17 Rocks. This amendment, which is less scandalous, was revised.

The main idea was to expand the transfer of personal data of Ukrainians from 18 to 60 people (conscripts, military conscripts and reserves) c), like add momentum to the “Amulet”. Collect the following information:

  • PIB, date and place of people, become, community

  • place of living and changing

  • Family culture (presence of children)

  • education, profession, job

  • Healthy state

  • Vyskovo-regional specialty

Also, the register will include information about fathers, details of internal and overseas passports, IPN, digitization of the person’s image, data on entry beyond the border, criminal record, telephone numbers, email addresses, information about foreign languages, about the right to freedom, water rights and so on.

In addition, “Oberig” will provide information about the results of the medical examination and all this data will be available through the electronic account of the medical practitioner.

Read the report about the system itself in the material “Oberig” g” launched. Headline about the register of military servicemen and how to change mobilization.”

Register of military servicemen and automatic status of UBD

The law is also passed on to the Register of Military Services. This will simplify the process of gaining the status of a participant in combat operations. This is a complex procedure that will require a lot of time and the collection of a large number of evidence. Now there is a lot that can be translated into electronic format.

RBC-Ukraine wrote in more detail in the material “Electronic register of military complaints and UBD “automatically”: a new review of the new bill.”

In short, the military service members of the ZSU, the National Guard, the SBU, the intelligence service, the Cordon Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and their representatives can apply for withdrawal of status not only in writing, but also in electronic form.

Shodo of the procedure itself, then after the military order has been issued for 5 days, the individuals of the military units can formulate a report about the military’s fate in combat operations. І enter supporting information to the Register.

Since it is impossible to do this in electronic form, then at the same time a paper report is drawn up, which is sent to the commission based on the materials of the UBD knowledge. One copy is visible to the military service.

The UBD status is assigned automatically after forming a statement using a unique electronic identifier (QR code, bar code, digital code) due to the registration requirements of the Republic stru. The data can be seen in both paper and electronic form.

To obtain benefits and/or services, participants in combat operations can access the Register, a unique electronic identifier, and information about the study there are combat actions or confirmation (they have paper or electronic form).

In addition, in the online format it will be possible to establish the status of an individual with disability due to war. It is stated that such individuals or their representatives have the right to submit an application electronically through the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services (“Action”) or the Register of Veterans. If you need to provide information necessary to establish the status of an individual with a disability as a result of the war, or attach copies of supporting documents, certified by the signature of the subject of the war.

Members of military families who perished, fell into obscurity, died as a result of injuries, concussions, calcification and illness, taken away in the ATO or during the defense of Ukraine against the aggression of the Russian Federation, may also submit your application using this method.

Should Ukrainian military IT systems be moved beyond the border?

Bill No. 10062 introduces the possibility of placing these registries of the Ministry of Defense behind the cordon. Previously, legislation protected the storage of such data by Ukraine, but before this the document was amended about the dark technologies of the Ukrainian partners.

“The processing of such information can be carried out exclusively on the territory of the region NATO is on standby the urgent decision of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the unimportant information to the Supreme Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence,” – see the table until another reading. p>

What does the Ministry of Defense mean:

  • to identify the features of PPO, which protect national data centers for protecting other objects

  • accelerate and expand access Defense Forces of Ukraine until the development of allies

  • accelerate the development and development of new electronic services< /p>

Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee for National Security Nutrition Roman Kostenko appreciates that such a view of the law could not be praised. It is against the placement of secret information on servers behind the cordon, especially the system of combat security.

“This is a “simple solution” that can lead to catastrophic consequences that will be impossible to correct,” – by writing on Facebook.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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