• 16/07/2024 03:07

Dollars and euros are getting cheaper: exchangers have updated exchange rates

The dollar exchange rate at exchange offices in Ukraine has decreased slightly. The single European currency has also fallen in price.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in its market monitoring reports.

As of 28 February, the average dollar sales rate in Ukraine fell by 5 kopecks to 38, 65 hryvnia, the euro exchange rate fell by 5 kopecks to 42.10 hryvnia.

In exchange offices, you can buy a dollar from the average for 38.15 hryvnia, the euro for 41.40 hryvnia.

On The interbank rate today is at 38.23 – 38.28 UAH/dollar (purchase and sale) – a decrease of 13 kopecks is equal due to the closure of the previous day.

Official rate

National Bank of Ukraine (NB U) moving the course dollar. The dollar has risen in price after a decline over three days in advance.

The official exchange rate for February 28, 2024 is set at the following level: 38.4249 UAH per 1 dollar (+0.0888 UAH). The euro exchange rate becomes 41.7179 hryvnia for 1 euro (+0.1194 UAH).

Forecast for the exchange rate

As Taras Lesovy, head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, noted in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine, the situation in the foreign exchange market of Ukraine is difficult In basic speeches, it is based on the tactics of the NBU, directly aimed at liberalizing the market.

In other words, we are talking about the continuation of the regime of “ceramic bundling” on the international bank with free exchange rates, and not with periodic handing over of the regulator for access Important balance between drink and proposition .

Rate changes are made every day, rates can increase or decrease. When changing to an interbank bank account, you will lose between 0.2 hryvnia, up to 0.5 hryvnia in commercial banks, up to 0.7 hryvnia in exchange offices.

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