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“Dragon’s teeth” are growing on the northern border – Joint forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Concrete barrier structures continue to be installed in the border areas of the Northern Operational Zone.

Source: Command of the Joint Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Details: Tetrahedrons are anti-tank concrete barrier elements that are part of the defense system of platoon strongholds. Their installation indicates that the construction of the GPs is coming to an end, the report notes.

Direct speech from Lieutenant General Sergei Naev: “Each platoon strong point consists of four to five lines of engineering barriers. This is an anti-tank ditch, a minefield, tetrahedrons, barbed wire and again a minefield.

More than a hundred such positions have already been established in the Northern Operational Zone. If the level of military threat increases, additional forces must approach these defensive lines. These brigades will be ready to conduct defensive battles and contain the advance of enemy forces.”

Details: According to the commander, previously Ukrainian military engineers primarily performed tasks related to the construction of field fortifications. However, the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief decided to move on to long-term fortification. The work is carried out using funds from the state budget. The performers of the work are regional military administrations.

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