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Drones attacked four regions of the Russian Federation at night: details

At night in Russia there were drones in several regions. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported about the “overcrowding” of drones.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this.

During the preparation of the material, the Telegram channels of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the governors of the Rostov region were being searched and Vasily Golubev , Volgograd region by Andriy Bocharov, Kursk region by Roman Starovoyt, Belgorod region by Vyacheslav Gladkov

For information from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, these nights in several regions, nothing , 47 unmanned pilots were laid off.

Rostovska region

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 41 drones have been overcrowded and depleted.

Region Governor Vasil Golubev reported on his Telegram channel about “the mirror of a massive drone attack.”

” The forces of our air defense forces in Taganroz defeated a massive drone attack. The remains on the ground are being clarified,” Golubev said.

As a result of the flood on Taganrog, the aircraft plant named after Beriev was damaged.

Pizneshe Golubiev reported another drone attack. Є casualties.

“PPO drones defeated another attack in the sky over the Rostov region. A small number of drones were destroyed in the vicinity of Morozovsk. According to recent data, as a result of a massive UAV attack on Taganrog, there are no deaths. Otrim a wounded spivorotenik MNS , who has taken the fate of the inherited heirs on earth. , there is no threat to his life.”

Volgograd region

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the “overcrowding” of 3 drones. Governor of the Volgograd region Andriy Bocharov, what happened without commenting.

Kursk region

Near the Kursk region on the night of 9 bereznya, PPO, nibito, shot down 2 drones. The area was deafened by the missile danger.

It was reported that Kursk had sunk to four hulls. Governor Roman Starovoyt said about a downed drone.

“A drone was shot down in the sky above Kursk by PPO forces. The remains on the ground are being clarified,” Starovoit said.

A later governor wrote about the inheritances.< /p>

“Near Kursk, the ruins of a crashed Ukrainian UAV fell on the 6th polyclinic on Soyuznyy, 22 square meters of the roof were damaged. There are no casualties,” wrote Starovoyt.

Belgorod region

Russian Ministry of Defense according to learned about one “downed” drone. The governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, did not comment on the situation.

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