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Drones will change the war in Ukraine, like tanks under the hour of the First World War, – WP

Drones will change the war in Ukraine, as the hour of the First Light Tanks approaches. Drones actually paralyze the sky.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a statement to The Washington Post.

The data indicates that drones are respected by the army of assault groups. The increase in the number of small drones on the front has transformed the so-called “gray zone” into a “death zone”.

Commander of the platoon of attack UAVs Code 9.2 of the adjacent assault brigade named after Koshov Otaman Ivan Sirk Oleksandr Nastenko rozpoviv WP, who are ytsi, yaki one is tempted to crumble at night under the “glances” of hostile drones, to “perish instantly.”

According to the military, apparently cheap drones have replaced the current war. The stench initially gave precedence to Ukraine, and then the Russians began to vibrate the air drones en masse.

“Those we are now wary of are the blitzkrieg of an unmanned war,” said the captain to the headquarters of the BRINC Drones company, Andriy Kota.

In my opinion, drones in Ukraine will change the war just like tanks at the rock of the First World War war.

According to the Ukrainian military, there are 100 drones on the battlefield within a radius of 10 km. It is important to separate the stench.

In this case, drones are helping Ukraine cope with the shortage of ammunition. Although the Ukrainian fighters came to the conclusion that artillery shells were extremely unnecessary, otherwise the war could be lost.

The situation at the front

It seems likely that the Russian occupiers intensified the assaults on the front. Zokrem, the Russians decided to take over Avdiivka and neighboring villages. Ale Defense forces are strengthening the positions of Avdiivka, not allowing the enemy to penetrate further.

The occupiers are also trying to penetrate directly to the town of Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region.

Head of ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky, stating what is the situation on The gathering of Ukraine is busy. Behind these words, regardless of significant expenses, the enemy is increasing their efforts to install new units on armored vehicles, which is why they periodically achieve tactical success.

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