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Dust from the Sahara: the State Emergency Service assured that “colored” rains are safe

On April 25-26, dust will remain in the atmosphere over Ukraine, and on April 27, air flows will change and the air will clear after the rains.

Dust from the Sahara over Ukraine

Today, April 24, “dirty” rains occurred in the Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson regions. The morning sky in the south of the country had an unusual yellow color. The State Emergency Service notes that “colored” precipitation is associated with the arrival of dust from the Sahara and does not pose a danger.

This was reported by the press service of the State Emergency Service.

“Dust has reached Ukraine. Sahara, which was observed the day before in Greece… Long-term precipitation washes dust out of the atmosphere, as a result of which weather stations record colored (yellow shades) rain, which does not pose any threat,” the message says.

The State Emergency Service noted that on April 25-26, dust will remain in the atmosphere over Ukraine. And on April 27, the air flows will change, the air will clear after the rains.

Rescuers advise dressing warmly and not forgetting umbrellas at home.

At the beginning of April, dust from the Sahara was already “arriving” in most regions of Ukraine . Meteorologists have advised closing windows as the dust can be harmful to people with respiratory problems, the elderly and children.

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