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Electronic account of the conscript. When you request a compulsory registration

In Ukraine, they plan to launch an electronic office for military officials. However, registering with someone will be a right, and not an obligation.

For more details about the e-office of the military and as a rule, read the materials of RBC-Ukraine below.

< em>During the preparation of the material, we reviewed: bill No. 10062, the interview of the Intercessor of the Minister of Defense Katerina Chornorenko for DOU, the statement of the river officer of the Ministry of Defense Dmitry Lazutkin.


What is the e-office of the military service

The Ministry of Defense will explain , that such an e-cabinet should be created on the skin of a person with a disease, regardless of whether they are involved in it. Registration in any case will be voluntary and does not require anything – it will be accepted immediately.

Meta service is in order to simplify the updating of your data without going to the TCC and SP and TsNAP where all conscripts, military conscripts and reservists can report within 60 days from the day the new law comes into force obilization. After this, the vikoristovuvatym will collect this data from their own work.

How to treat this

The electronic account of the military service will be a separate service, not connected with the website of the Ministry of Defense. You will be able to enter your account from any device and submit information about yourself to the TCC in electronic form, and also check what information is available about you at the registry. Then, with this type of military liability, you can ensure that the state knows about it, as the information is available in the “Oberig” registry.

Please note that authorization in the e-account can be obtained through BankID or D Iya.Subscription The database is accessible in the e-office of the PIB, place of registration, date of birth, family status, information about family members, information about education, etc.

According to the words of the river officer of the Ministry of Defense Dmitry Lazutkin, in the electronic account of the defense department, it will be possible to confirm the armor.

And there will be force subpoenas

Run the mechanism of force subpoenas through the electronic cabinet of the military convoy one This is with the option that was introduced in the new bill on mobilization even before it arrives. But she didn’t find support among the people’s deputies, so they were encouraged. Therefore, in the electronic account, subpoenas will not be enforced.

I guess that on September 16, 2024, the Verkhovna Rada praised bill No. 10062 in general for the digitalization of the army. The document conveys the launch of a full-fledged electronic military service in Ukraine. Zokrema, there is a need for an electronic office of the military service.

Later, 2nd quarter, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed an official document, and the Ministry of Defense announced that they plan to launch an electronic office in іyskovozobov'yazanogo already in another quarter of 2024.< /p>

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