• 15/07/2024 03:58

Estonia, France and Poland have called for a push to boost Europe's defense preparedness, – Guardian

The three European regions have outlined their priorities within the framework of the new European defense -promislovoy strategy. Estonia, France and Poland have called for the term to advance readiness.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post to The Guardian.

“We are taking our part in the race against time… We are responsible to ensure “so that the strategy’s ambitions are proportional and supported by specific actions that support our fighting force,” the document reads.

The three countries stated that the strategy is possible:

  • Paul Complete a long-term building defense industry of the EU to ensure the needs of armored forces, change strategic reserves and promote the production capacity of the military in times of crisis;
  • Promote a fundamental increase in ammunition among the member powers iv, the availability of key systems and other capabilities in all areas;< /li>
  • Advance the competitiveness of the EU and its member states with the use of technology and innovation (of military and secondary significance), including the implementation of higher education institutions, ensuring the safety of Lanzyuzhki supplies and reduced access to financial growth;
  • < li>Make an effort to understand Ukraine’s participation in its defense and industrial initiatives.

They have also overcome the need for sufficient funding to achieve ambitious goals.

” We appeal to the Tax Commission specifically options for financing… Insufficient financing will lead to a significant increase in expenses for the future,” the document says.

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