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Estonia will impose penalties for broadcasting Russian channels

Estonian Department of Residential Rights and Technical Review revokes the right to fine for retransmission There is not only a lot of TV content in hotels, and at guardhouses.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via ERR.

Due to the Estonian legislation on media services, the regulator can issue a statement regarding the application of relay of audiovisual media service, As this will harm the health of the population and security of marriage, protect the sovereign security of security and defense, or pose a serious threat to security of marriage.

Changes in legislation

The draft amendments to the law on media services, which are at the development stage, include those that the Department of Consumer Rights Protection and Technical Review has decided to inform about the distribution areas that are allowed at their offices re-watching TV programs surrounded by a fence.

As a matter of law, the relay of an audiovisual media service may be carried out by an electronic communications company, and not by a company located at a location or, for example, a shopping center that allows televisions to be seen in its premises Existing programs that are broadcast behind an additional satellite antenna, and border areas – primary antenna.

Russian TV channels will show pikluvannya in the booths

In the draft amendments to the law, it is decided to give the Department for the Protection of the Rights of Users and Technical Review the right to make an attribution about the assignment of media services to the hosting sector or to another operator of the public space, which we hope is possible The news is a TV channel with shared access.

The Department for Protection of Residents' Rights and Technical Review also received information about those channels with shared access that are broadcast, for example, in public houses, but not in public areas.

In connection with this, the project has to do not only with accommodation, but also with places that are open for a wide spread, and with places that are not open for a wide spread, but they have an unimportant amount of space people how not to lie with the same family and the closest number of people you know.

News of Estonia and Russia

Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur has said for days that the country will continue to maintain a defense line on the border with Russia This, according to the statement of the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin, There are no intentions of attacking the borders of NATO.

Estonia has also blocked the entry of the Russian spivatka Klavdia Visokoviya, who goes by the pseudonym Klava Koka. They celebrated a concert near Tallinn.

The Estonian authorities have also closed the border crossing from Russia to cars. Moscow has begun repairs to the border point on its side, but is allowing vehicles through while the cordon is closed.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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