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Every new generation must know the truth about the Holocaust – Zelensky

Today the world honors the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

Warsaw ghetto.

President Vladimir Zelensky on International Holocaust Remembrance Day emphasized that every new generation should know the truth about this tragedy.

President Zelensky wrote about this on Facebook.

“Today the world “honors the memory of the millions of victims of the Holocaust. A Nazi crime that will never be forgotten. A man-made disaster that took the lives of millions of innocent people. Six million Jews were killed.” … Every new generation must know the truth about the Holocaust. This is very important for human life to remain the highest value for all peoples of the world,” Zelensky noted.

Zelensky emphasized that it is also important to remember the feat of those who did not yet know whether evil would lose , but, in spite of everything, he cherished goodness in his soul and saved the lives of others.

“Unfortunately, we do not know all such rescue stories; many names of the Righteous and saviors remained unknown. But every name that is known must be preserved forever. .

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