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Evidence of provocation following Putin's orders. The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate has announced a plan for shooting in a shopping center near Moscow

Today's terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall shopping center near Moscow was planned and I am at home provoking the Russian special services for quote from dictator Volodymyr Putin. The goal is the Kremlin’s push to intensify attacks on Ukraine and total mobilization.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via a message on Telegram from the Head Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

U in Russian intelligence officers show respect to the world The government of the Russian Federation escalates military aggression.

“The public stratum of people in Moscow are likely to understand Putin’s threat of an even greater escalation and expansion of the war. Peskov’s statement, which lulled about the “war” shortly before the terrorist attack, is just a false start of the carefully planned Kremlin special operation tsіi”, – is stated in the GUR application.

Investigators also noted that Putin has “great evidence of organizing such terrorist attacks as a way to strengthen the powerful government, starting from the fire of the booths on the Kashirskoye Shosse.”

“As such, today’s action against the Russians will lead to the maximum “tightening of the nuts” in Russia itself,” reports the GUR.

The government respects that the Kremlin is quick to blame Ukraine for everything, so that “the execution of powerful citizens as a pretext for even more brutal attacks on civil infrastructure and destruction stv of civil Ukrainians”.

“Today's attack on the civil infrastructure of Ukraine is another hole in the escalation initiated by Putin,” the intelligence statement reads.

At the same time, the GUR adds that there is no interruption in the movement of groups of militants with machine guns in the center of Moscow, among other evidence, there is evidence that the “shooting in the Crocus City Hall” was organized by the Russian special services.”

“International embassies were informed about the preparation of the terrorist attack. It is obvious to all the world that the terrorist attack in Moscow is Putin’s evil plot to remove power,” the Russian intelligence department says.

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