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Ex-employee of the Ministry of Defense Liev, accused of embezzling 1.5 billion hryvnia, was released from custody

The Court of Appeal changed the preventive measure of arrest to personal obligation.

Ex-employee of the Ministry of Defense Liev, accused of embezzling 1.5 billion UAH, Alexander Liev in the courtroom 

<p>Former official of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Alexander Liev, accused of taking more than 1.5 billion hryvnia through fraud in the purchase of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was released from the pre-trial detention center.</p>
<p>As Public reports, the High Anti-Corruption Court granted the lawyers' petition to change the preventive measure for the suspect – instead of keeping him under guards with the possibility of posting a bail of 50 million hryvnia, Liev is now limited only to personal obligation. </p>
<p>The prosecutor was absent during the consideration of the case. And the decision to dismiss Liev was made by the judge who had previously released him from the pre-trial detention center.</p>
<h3><b>Details of the case</b></h3>
<li>We are talking about the conclusion of a contract between the Ministry of Defense and by the Lviv Arsenal company for the supply of 100 thousand mine rounds.</li>
<li>In November 2022, the Ministry of Defense transferred UAH 1.34 billion in advance payment to the Lviv Arsenal. Next, the company sent part of the funds – $3.6 million and 9.1 million euros – to the Slovak intermediary, Sevotech. </li>
<li>Most of the amount then went to the accounts of another intermediary – the Croatian company WDG promet. The money disappeared, but no mine was ever planted.</li>
<li>On January 24, the Ministry of Defense won the case against the Lvov Arsenal.</li>
<li>On January 27, the SBU announced suspicions against five people for embezzlement of funds for the purchase of shells. Suspicion was received by the former and current heads of the Department of Military-Technical Policy, Development of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense, the head and commercial director of the Lviv Arsenal company, as well as their accomplice – a representative of a foreign commercial structure. According to LB.ua sources in law enforcement agencies, Alexander Liev, the current head of the Department of Military-Technical Policy Toomas Nahkur and the head of the Lviv Arsenal Yuriy Zbitnev received suspicions.</li>
<li>Liev wanted to cross the border, but received suspicion, wrote “Radio Liberty”. He himself claims that he was traveling to Slovakia “for the purpose of inspecting demining vehicles that should be delivered to Ukraine in February of this year. He planned to return to Ukraine by February 5.”</li>
<li>On January 30, VACS did not choose the protective Liev West . The suspect's lawyers stated that the case was under investigation and the prosecutor of the Office of the Prosecutor General did not have the right to appeal to the High Anti-Corruption Court regarding the election of a “warning”.</li>
<li>On February 12, Liev was nevertheless taken into custody with the possibility of posting bail in the amount 50 million hryvnia, although the prosecutor’s office asked for 268 million.</li>
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