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Explosion in the capital's court: six workers of the detention center will be tried

Due to the negligence of the prison staff, the defendant managed to assemble explosives in his own cell.

The pre-trial investigation into the explosions in the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kiev has been completed. The event occurred on July 5, 2023. Then, in the convoy room of the court, homemade devices carried by the defendant detonated. He died. , two police officers were injured.

“Indictments have been sent to the court against six employees of the State Institution “Kiev Pre-trial Detention Center,” the State Bureau of Investigation reported.

They noted that the investigation had established the chronology of the events of that day.

The defendant, who caused the explosion, managed to smuggle homemade devices into the courthouse due to the negligence of the staff of the pre-trial detention center and the escort service.

“In particular, employees of the State Institution “Kiev Pre-trial Detention Center” took him out of the cell and took him to the building, where he was handed over to the National Guard convoy service without searching his things, including his backpack. The convoy service workers did not conduct a personal search and did not check personal belongings. I wasn’t even surprised by the fact that at a temperature of +28, the person whom they escorted from the pre-trial detention center to the court was wearing a warm sweater,” the Bureau said in a statement.

In addition, during searches in the cell where the accused was kept, law enforcement officers seized glycerin, rosin, electrical wires and other chemicals, some of which, according to expert research, were part of the improvised explosive devices detonated in court.

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Investigators found that the prohibited items ended up in the cell due to improper performance of their official duties by the detention center employees.

“In particular, three pre-trial detention center employees for a long time falsified mandatory acts of searches of cell premises, but did not actually carry out checks. Consequently, those in custody had the opportunity to use prohibited things and objects that were handed to them from the outside in different ways,” – DBR noted.

Three employees of the Kyiv pre-trial detention center are accused of official negligence, leading to grave consequences. Under this article they face up to five years in prison.

Also three more employees of the detention center are accused of official forgery. The sanction of the article provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of up to three years.


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