• 17/07/2024 14:55

Finnish Defense Minister: There is a war in Ukraine for the future of Europe

Министр обороны Финляндии: В Украине идет война за будущее Европы

flag of Finland, photo Pixabay

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Häkkanen, in his Christmas greeting to the peacekeeping forces, noted that in Ukraine there is now a war for the future of all of Europe.

Source : “European Truth” with reference to the text of the congratulations published by the Finnish Ministry of Defense

Details : According to Häkkanen, “Russian power politics has created a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty in Europe, and indirectly throughout the world.”

“We have received painful proof that a great power can feel justified in interfering with the choices of its smaller neighbor and is willing to use military force to achieve its own goals,” he added.

The Finnish Defense Minister notes that we are talking about the fate of not only Ukraine, but also all states neighboring Russia: “There is a war in Ukraine for the future of all of Europe.”

Hyakkanen also recalled that the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted Finland to abandon neutrality and become a member of NATO and enter into a defense cooperation agreement with the United States.

What preceded : Earlier, top EU diplomat Josep Borrell already drew attention to the danger of a Russian victory against Ukraine for the European Union project.

He also called for more active support for Ukraine given the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in no mood to stop full-scale aggression any time soon.


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