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For every terrorist attack on Ukraine, Russia will be held responsible: both politically and very practically, – Zelensky

In particular, the president said that Ukraine is preparing to produce more weapons next year.

Russia will be held responsible for every terrorist attack on Ukraine: both politically and very practically, />< /p> </p>
<p>On the evening of December 30, President Vladimir Zelensky announced that he had held the final General Headquarters for the year. </p>
<p>“The rate is special, total for the year. And about next year. What was done this year. And what needs to be done next year. There was a report from the Commander-in-Chief, the General Staff. A plan of our actions for the 24th is also presented,” the president said.</p>
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Zelensky chaired the final meeting of the Headquarters. What they talked about

He noted that there was an intelligence report – the Main Intelligence Directorate and foreign intelligence. About what the occupiers are preparing for. And in general about the situation – about general military-political expectations and possible events in the world.

Despite everything that will happen in other countries, despite any political changes and moods, we need sufficient potential to do our own. To achieve your goals. It is clear that the next year will be a time of many global decisions. And Ukraine needs to be able to influence them – to be able to achieve its goals,” the president said.

The head of state emphasized that the authorities will fight for justice for Ukraine.

Zelensky also thanked all the world leaders who help.

The President especially noted that it is important to help the victims of yesterday’s massive shelling of the Russians.

“It is very important that all necessary assistance is provided to the victims. Those whose houses and apartments were damaged by terrorists. It is important to work out this at both the government and local levels,” Zelensky said.

In addition, the president promised that the ordered terrorist attack on Ukraine “would be the fair responsibility of the terrorist state. Both politically and very practically.” The head of state said that Ukraine is preparing to produce more weapons next year.


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