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For the mobilization of debts, they will be closed around the border, – Malyuska

For prisoners who want to voluntarily mobilize into the Ukrainian army, there will be create around the world. In addition, the bill on the mobilization of convicts is under consideration by the Supreme Court.

Justice Minister Denis Malyuska has said this, informing RBC-Ukraine that it has sent a telethon to air.

“The legislation will provide certain guarantees to ensure that the implementation of the law is effective. Zokrema, however, is not only voluntary, but a contractual form of service, but also the creation of other subdivisions, where those will serve, then there was no liberation from the place of liberation. a different approach, so that, if you get out of trouble, you don’t end up in the “Uzhgorod cauldron” and don’t lose your military obligation,” the minister explained.

According to Malyuska, such mobilizations could conclude tasks that are not related to the stagnation of the army. For example, there will be fortifications.

“A modern army is nothing more than shooting from a machine gun. There are a lot of physical robots, which will not require a 24/7 military service. I think that such idiots can quit robots on weekdays and infrastructure, Engineering disputes, dry disputes. Our military is digging a lot, I think that here our “conspirators” can give a head start to the military’s rich,” he said.

Mobilization of convicts in Ukraine

Guess, 10 k Ukrainian parliament praising the First read bill No. 11079-1 on the mobilization of debtors. The document allows for the voluntary mobilization of those convicted for minor crimes. Also, those who have been convicted of crimes against national security will not be able to mobilize.

For more details about the bill, read the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

Now people's deputies are trying to praise this bill from another reader. , and then the president may sign it.

Read the terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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