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France changed the head of the Ministry of Health

In France today, on the 11th, they renovated a warehouse for the order of Gabriel Attalus. Changes have taken place, temporarily, in the ministries of foreign affairs, as Stefan Séjourne has now replaced Catherine Colonna.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from a post on Twitter (X) of the High Representative of the European Union for Nutrition Josep's policies and security policies Borrell, as seen by Le Figaro.

The head of European diplomacy welcomed the newly appointed French minister, and noted the ranks of the already numerous members of the country’s foreign diplomatic department.

“I warmly admire Stéphane Séjournet, who is recognized as Minister of Foreign Affairs. I am impatiently looking forward to strong work for a strong EU in the world. Ardent Catherine Colonna for our wealth and value,” says yogo statement.

What do you know about the new Minister

38-Richny Sejourne is the Secretary General of President Emmanuel Macron's “Revival” party, and also served as a leader during the presidential campaign.

At the beginning of his political career, he was a member of the Socialist Party, supporting Dominique Strauss-Kahn. In 2019, Roci campaigned from elections to the European Parliament, becoming a European Deputy (the European Parliament joined the Renew Europe group).

Updated warehouse for the French government

Today, the Secretary General of the Elysee Palace, Alexis Kohler, voted for the warehouse The Cabinet is under Attalus, appointed Prime Minister Prime Minister on the 9th day after the installation of Elizabeth Bourne. Most key officials retained their ministerial portfolios.

  • Minister of Armed Forces – Sebastien Lecornu,
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs – Stéphane Sejournet
  • Minister of Economy, Finance, Trade and Digital Sovereignty – Bruno Le Maire
  • Minister of Internal Affairs – Gérald Darmanin,
  • Minister pracia, health and solidarity – Catherine Vautrin,
  • Minister of National Education, Youth, Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games – Amelie Houdea-Caster,
  • Minister of Agriculture kingdom and food sovereignty – Mark Feno,
  • Minister of Culture – Rachida Dati,
  • Minister of Justice – Eric Dupont-Moretti,
  • Minister of Ecological Transition – Christophe Bechu,
  • Minister of Higher Education and Investigation – Silvi Retaillo,
  • Minister Delegate t s food democratic renewal and river manager – Priska Thévenot,
  • Minister-delegate in charge of parliament – Marie Lebek,
  • Minister for promoting equality between women and men and combating discrimination Iieyu – Aurora Berger.

Replacement of the French Prime Minister

It seems that in the 8th century Elizabeth Bourne submitted an application to French President Emmanuel Macron about her resignation. Until the new order is recognized, the great prime minister will take care of everyday issues on the right.

The very next day, Macron recognized the 34-year Minister of Light Gabriel Attal as the new prime minister of the region.

Before words, becoming the fourth head of France since 2017 during Macron's presidency.

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