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France is creating an alliance of countries ready to send troops to Ukraine – Politico

France is gathering an alliance of countries that will protect the territory from entering the territory Iu Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Politico.

On Friday, the 8th of February, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Stephane Sejournet, arrived in Lithuania, meeting with his Baltic colleagues and the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. miter Kuleboy.

“It’s not Russia that will show us how we can help Ukraine in the coming months. It’s not Russia that’s on the right. That’s why we’re in conflict with each other,” the French man said after the zustria. istr.

At the ministerial meeting, as Politico writes, the possibility of assisting foreign troops in the dispersed Ukrainian territory was discussed. The magazine repeatedly called the operations of the war “possibility”, meaning that this could mean the presence of singing personnel in Ukraine, rather than participation in the war.

Macron’s idea about the war in Ukraine

Likewise This is why French President Emmanuel Macron is not turning off the dispatch of incoming troops to help Ukraine. The main problem, in his words, lies in the fact that there is a daily consensus in NATO on how to feed it.

And these days the French president has been wondering why he is ready to send French troops to Ukraine.

Native countries of NATO opposed the transfer of troops to Ukraine, Zokrema, Nimečchina, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain and Italy. There are few countries that are ready to consider such a possibility, for example, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Canada, which is also a NATO member, has declared that it is ready to send its troops to Ukraine, but only to send Ukrainian troops to territories far from the front.

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