• 24/07/2024 23:05

France will transfer 40 long-range Scalp missiles and several hundred bombs to Ukraine

Macron also said that Russia should not be allowed to defeat Ukraine, since then the security of Europe would be at risk.

France will give Ukraine 40 long-range Scalp missiles and several hundred bombs

< Emmanuel Macron plans to visit Ukraine in February to finalize a bilateral agreement on security guarantees. And in the coming weeks, France will provide Ukraine with a new security aid package.

This is reported by Reuters.

Macron said that about 40 long-range Scalp missiles and several hundred bombs will be delivered in the coming weeks .


“With these supplies, I myself will go to Ukraine in February and complete these texts,” Macron said.

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He emphasized that Europeans must guarantee Ukraine’s ability to defend itself from Russia.

Macron also said that Russia cannot be allowed to defeat Ukraine. otherwise, the security of Europe will be under threat.

  • The newly appointed French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournet said that France will maintain its commitment to supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, supplying them with weapons, as well as strengthening Ukraine’s ability to produce weapons in their land.
  • President Vladimir Zelensky discussed with the new head of the French Foreign Ministry the joint production of drones and artillery, as well as strengthening air defense.

  • French Defense Minister Sebastian Lecornu confirmed France's role as “a framework country in NATO that must reassure the Alliance's eastern border in Romania, in addition to strong and direct support for Ukraine.”


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