• 24/07/2024 01:58

G7 countries promised Iran “significant new measures” if it supplies Russia with missiles

The G7 issued a joint statement warning third parties against providing weapons to Russia.

G7 countries promised Iran G7

G7 countries demand that “third parties” immediately stop supplying arms to Russia, threatening “serious consequences.”

A statement published on the website of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims that the G7 states are “deeply concerned about information that , that Iran is considering transferring ballistic missiles and related technologies to Russia after it provides the Russian regime with UAVs, which are used in constant attacks on the civilian population of Ukraine.”

< The G7 countries call on Tehran to refrain from these actions, otherwise promise to "respond quickly and in a coordinated manner, including new and significant measures against Iran."

  • Iran, Russia and China held joint military exercises.
  • Iranian drones are used by the occupiers for reconnaissance over Crimea.
  • The US government promised Iran a “quick and tough response” in the event of the transfer of ballistics to the Russian Federation.


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