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Garmati is a special warehouse. The ZSU reported about the Russian Federation's spending on daily wages in exchange for profits

The Ukrainian forces for the rest of the spoils in Pivdennoye directly lost 20 units of Russian troops them.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with messages to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

We will continue to increase the number of assault operations to 19, otherwise their strength will be lost and become unsuccessful.

Recognizing the loss, the enemy stormtroopers, with a change in the amount of confusion, began to turn to exit positions. And our subsidiaries continue to take positions and impose significant costs on the occupiers.

What specifically was achieved by the defense of the ZSU

The counter-battery fight is also troubling, as the Defense Forces of the day begin to fire in the locations of the enemy's deployment, their positions and forces.

At the enemy on the left. birch became less by:

  • 17 occupiers;
  • 20 harmats;
  • 1 reconnaissance UAV “Merlin”;
  • 2 strike UAVs “Lancet”;
  • 2 units of armored vehicles.

The defense forces of Ukraine will be deprived of Russians

Russia's losses in the war in Ukraine at the beginning of Tuesday, 2 September, accumulated 810 occupiers. The total cost of the Russian army since the beginning of the invasion is approximately 360,820 troops. In addition, the ZSU destroyed 7 tanks, 13 armored fighting vehicles and 49 enemy artillery systems.

Also, the Ukrainian Defense Forces on Kup'yansky directly revealed the position of the Russians and hit them. The process of reducing the occupiers was recorded on video.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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