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Greek ships have completely stopped transporting Russian naphtha, – Bloomberg

Greek companies were involved in trading Russian crude oil In order to strengthen US sanctions against shipping companies.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

The number of tankers that will sail to Greece and transport Russian naphtha has dropped to eight. At the same time, below 40 near the grass and close to 20 along most of the other half of the past rock.

This happened after the US Treasury nagged the visiting tankers, asking them to explain what they had saved in order to meet the G7 price limit for Russian naphtha of 60 dollars per barrel. Representatives of the two Athens companies immediately stated that they acted cautiously while assessing the situation.

Vessels bound for Greece were completely involved in the trade in Russian oil, which would attract Pacific terminals of the country and deliver to buyers in China and India.

The loss of the Greek fleet puts even greater pressure on Russian tankers and the “dark fleet” of ships, which have increased since the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine.

The Russian Federation has been stuck in this situation for an hour reorientation of markets

Due to the loss of the European market, which accounted for the entire 1.6 million barrels of crude oil that arrived per day from Russian ports in the Baltic, Black Sea and Arctic, the Russian Federation was hesitant to rely as much as blame on buyers in China and India and, to a lesser extent, Turechchini. This involves a very complex delivery and a large number of ships.

Delivery was complicated by Houthi attacks near Yemeni on ships in the flooded part of the Red Sea and the Aden Sea.

All Russian naphtha, which is shipped from visiting ports to India and China, has undergone testing, and at least one tanker has suffered damage, while the Hussites have entered the territory where Russian and Chinese ships and will be with the homeless.

Increased sanctions

Apparently, the sanctions imposed by the Ukrainian authorities led to the fact that half of Russian exports of naphtha and naphtha products in 2023 went to China, while part of India grew to 40% in two years. Europe's share of oil exports from Russia has fallen tenfold to about 4-5% from about 40-45%.

Oil flows from Russia have run into problems after the tightening of US sanctions, targeting traders and shipping companies. The signs appeared more recently after the US Treasury Department imposed large-scale sanctions against Russian oil traders and the sovereign shipping company Sovcomflot with the start of a war against Ukraine. region.

Recently, the United States introduced new sanctions for the transportation of Russian oil . During the exchange, around 20 tankers were sunk.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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