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GUR attacked the Shahediv assembly plant near Tatarstan, 1000 km from Ukraine, – Dzherelo

tsall of attacks by Rosiyati Tatars km vid Ukrainian, becoming a factory ZI collection of “Shaheds”. This was a GUR operation.

RBC-Ukraine was told about this by the enemy in the special services.

How the enemy revealed the attack, having sunk the plant for the assembly of kamikaze drones “Shahed”, as the Russians mark PID “Gerani-2”.

behind Daniy Vidannya, TSA, was carried out by the head managerials of the rosvichka Minoboroni Ukrainian.

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Attack on Tatarstan for the first time since the beginning of the war

It seems that Russian serpents today massively reported that Russian drones first attacked enterprises in Tatarstan. As they wrote, businesses in Yelabuz and Nizhnyokamsk were destroyed under attack. It is confirmed that there were casualties.

The official local government does not call the attack on the enterprise. It is also indicated that there is a special economic zone “Alabuga”, which is located over 1000 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. It is significant that in this economic zone there is the Elaz-Naftoproduct oil refinery and the Shahed strike drone manufacturing plant. Also on the territory there is a group of workers from the plant. Pro-Kremlin snakes confirm that one UAV hit a factory, and two hit villagers.

Drone attacks in Russia

It is likely that the rest of the time Ukrainian drones will continue to systematically attack the territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian oil refineries have been closed, as they are located hundreds of kilometers away.

Recently, British intelligence reported that the Russians are quickly experiencing oil refining through attacks from strike drones, and the damage to oil refineries will be extended further through final sanctions against the spread of enterprises and restrictions on imports respectful control to the extreme aggressor.

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