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Guterres vowed to punish the UN soldiers killed before the attack on Israel on the 7th

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has agreed to draw attention to the certainty of any situation UN recruiter, credited to assets terror after insisting that the agents of the spy agency on the right of the refugees were accountable until the Hamas attacks on Israel on the 7th.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from correspondence with Reuters.

Vodnochas Guterra ish calling on the authorities of the countries to continue to provide support to the UN Agency for Refugees for Palestinians (UNRWA) after nine countries have reduced funding.

“Whether a UN spy agent, who is responsible for terrorist acts, will be brought to the level of authenticity, under the guise of criminal reinvestigation. The Secretariat is ready to cooperate with the competent authorities, who will be brought to justice In particular, due to the critical procedures, the Secretariat needs such a counter-production,” he said.

In his words, “tens of thousands of men and women who work for UNRWA, many of whom are in situations that are most unsafe for humanitarian workers, do not have the risk of knowing retribution. unknown population to whom they serve, toil buti satisfied.”

In his first direct comments, the head of the UN gave details about the UNRWA military personnel involved in “the latest transfers.”

In his words, 12 nine people were released, one, according to obvious data, dying, and the individuals of the other two died.

Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland on Saturday reached the USA, Australia and Canada, having reduced funding for humanitarian organizations What is the most important way to support the residents of Gazi? , after calling from the side of Israel.

War in Israel

On June 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel. The stench killed and kidnapped military and peaceful people. Israel announced the start of Operation Deadly Swords and shelled the terrorists' place.

24 November Israel signed an agreement with Hamas to start the fire and liberate the guarantors c. The first group of guarantors was released by the militants that same day.

The truce lasted until 1 breast. After the IDF voiced their views on the destruction of Hamas territory by Israel.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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