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Hackers hacked Cisco digital phones to spy on security forces around the world

Representatives of the technology company Cisco said that hackers hacked their digital phones and other okay, please penetrate into government departments all over the world.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as reported by Reuters.

The company emphasized that its digital devices for adaptive security are phones that will take up more from them functions of digital security in one way – to take revenge on previously unknown threats that were created by a group of hackers called UAT4356.

The group of hackers is described as “an intelligence actor who is sponsored by a power”, and It means that during the internal investigation of the company Victims have been identified “at the hands of government officials all over the world.” Cisco added that the vulnerability has been corrected. The company also urged clients to make “safe visits” to update their software security.

Security installations are still becoming an increasingly popular vector for tracking hackers, as they remain around the perimeter purposeful measures and can be important to follow.

According to Cisco, it was reported that UAT4356 hackers were linked to the evil of Microsoft's edge devices.

What was reported

It was previously reported that hackers connected to China , penetrated critical US infrastructure. They are waiting for the “apparent moment to deliver a devastating blow.”

The FBI stated that the United States was able to trace the hacking activities of the Chinese power group, which attacked key objects of the power infrastructure, such as as electrical measures and pipelines .

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