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Hackers have released information about the cost of Iranian martyrs for Russia

Iran first offered 375 thousand dollars for a unit of production.

Hackers have released information on the cost of Iranian

The group of hackers Praa has released data on the cost of Iranian “shaheds” for Russia, Militarny reports.

An array of data on the production of Shahed-136 attack drones was found on the servers.

The Prana Network announced the break on February 4. Sahara Thunder is a front company of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that facilitates the illegal sale of weapons from Iran to Russia.

In the documents, instead of the real name of the product, a special font was used, which in the case of drones sounds like “Dolphin 632 type motor boat”.

In accordance with the documents. The Russian Federation was supposed to produce 6,000 Iranian drones at its facilities within two and a half years.

Iran initially offered 375 thousand dollars per unit of production, but during negotiations the price was “lowered”: up to 193 thousand per unit when ordering 6,000 drones or $290 thousand when ordering 2,000 UAVs. The total cost of the production contract, which also includes the transfer of technology, equipment, 6,000 sets of UAVs, and software, is $1 billion 750 million.

According to plans for 2023, with full localization of production with a minimum supply of Iranian components, the projected the cost price of Shahed-136 should be 48.8 thousand dollars per side.

At the same time, the price at which the Shahed-136 will be handed over to the customer will be 165.5 thousand dollars.

According to other released documents, at least part of Russia's settlement with Iran is in gold.

for example, the Alabuga Machinery organization in February last year handed over to an Iranian front company Sahara Thunder, allegedly as payment for services and goods, 2067795 grams of gold bars.


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