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Hamas leaders are intensifying the fire in the Gaza Strip, – WSJ

Place between Israel and Hamas about the outbreak of fire and the exchange of handcuffs with Vidterminovo Eat through the super rivers near the Kerivnitsa Palestinian Authority .

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via communications to The Wall Street Journal.

The report indicates that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and other leaders of the organization are either ready or willing to sign the proposal about pripinennya fighters action in the Gaza Strip for six years in exchange for the release of Israeli guarantors.

The political leaders of the organization have been ousted, are demanding greater action and are eager for negotiations about the constant suppression of fire.

Please about the suppression of fire between Israel that Hamas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently informed Qatar that Hamas had given its advance profit for the sake of the fire about the release of the guarantors. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Israel's Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer discussed the possibility of allowing the release of 136 guarantors.

According to PMI, the agreement is transferring the release of Hamas to the United States. free people, buried on June 7, 2023, and then then the IDF soldiers and the turning of the bodies of the dead guarantors.

It appears that Israel will also strengthen Palestinian relations with the security services, as was the case in the first place. Once again, however, it becomes clear that their number will be greater and will include terrorists “with blood on their hands.” The truce is now long overdue, but there is a pause in the winter.

This time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, David Cameron, announced the powerful peace plan for the long-term administration of the fire and access to the world. It is necessary to take revenge on the proposal so that Hamas leaders, including Yahya Sinwar, leave the Gaza Strip to the extreme.

It is possible that in the fall of the year after the negotiations, Hamas militants exchanged handcuffs or close to 120 people, and Israel formed a group of Palestinians 'yaznenikh. Over the next year, the parties resumed active military operations in the region.

Then the Israeli Defense Forces launched a new great attack on the entry point of Khan Yunis on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip. The operation is accompanied by large-scale military operations.

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