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Hamas militants have two options: surrender or be killed, – Gallant

While the leaders of Hamas in Qatar are enjoying life, equal luxury, the commanders of the terrorist group on the Lawsuits at Gazi die and die in the thousands.

Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant stated this, RBC-Ukraine reported to The Times of Israel.

“Kozhen, who is in the field, knows perfectly well what is happening – hundreds of terrorists are being created, thousands are killed, the army is depleted, terrorism is created today, yesterday – above the earth and under the earth, not obvious speeches,” he stated in in.

The minister stressed that this war cannot be ended in balls, only by knockout.

“We are guilty of liquidating Hamas because we want to live in this place, we are guilty of knowing that kozhen terrorist “with a radius of hundreds of kilometers from Israel, against an act of this kind, such actions have only one result – the goal of eliminating the military and ordinary potential of Hamas,” he added.

Gallant stated that the result of the war will be absolutely obvious.

“The difference between the terrorists in the lower part of the Gazi Strip, near Beit Lahiya, or in Beit Hanoun, or in Shjaiyya, and the terrorists in the everyday life – only those who are viable in the IDF, and no one is able oh help. Yakscho IDF battalion “To fall apart and the skein will be exhausted. And he has two options – either he will die, or he will end up dead, there is no third option. In this way, this is the mission of the IDF, this is the building of the IDF,” he added.

War with Israel Palestinian group Hamas

On June 7, 2023, Hamas militants launched a military attack on Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. In the first few days, radical Islamists killed 1,200 civilians and soldiers and kidnapped about 250 people.

Finally, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a ground military operation near the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu stated that this operation will further reduce the operational and operational capabilities of Hamas, as well as the release of guarantors.

22 September The Israeli Defense Forces have been relieved and a new great attack on the western part of Khan-Yunis on Days for the Gaza Strip. The operation is accompanied by large-scale military operations.

24 today Israel and Hamas have reached their first target for starting the fire for a month and a new target for the rescued guarantors.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has closed kav Israel will order the supply of additional supplementary refills to the civilian population in the region of military operations.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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