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Help for HPE, utilities and connection for civil servants: what can be changed from 1 fierce in Ukraine

In Ukraine, it was planned to cover payments for the majority of displaced people, including the order has terminated the decision. There will be no increase in tariffs for the coming month, unless Ukrainians start turning off electricity, water and gas.

Report on major changes in the fierce battle – on RBC-Ukraine below.

During the preparation of the material, the following were used: official statements of Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, Minister of Social Policy Oksana Zholnovych, Minister of Nutrition, Reintegration of the Timely Occupation of Territories, and Rini Vereshchuk, YASNO publications, addition of the YASNO company core Serhiy Kovalenka on Facebook Resolution to the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1405 of 29 breasts 2023, information from the press service of the Ministry of Nutrition for the reintegration of the urgently occupied territories.

We will not interfere with VPO

A significant portion of internally displaced persons (IDPs) are subject to thousands of payments. So, last year, the order decided to automatically continue to help all VPO from 1 September 2023 until the end of 2024, after which payments were planned to be deprived only for other categories.

Prote 26 September became visible , which is absolutely All categories of higher education receive assistance of a penny and in fierce amounts. This is 2 thousand. UAH for an adult is 3 thousand. UAH for a child or person with a disability.

New rules for migrants will be introduced starting from January 1, 2024. Payment plans can become harsh. You can also get help with additional insurance:

  • VPO for pensioners, pension I don’t exceed 9444 UAH (4 subsistence minimums for unpretentious people);

  • individuals with disabilities 1 or 2 groups;

  • children with disabilities, children- orphans, children, father's pikluvaniya and other categories.

You can inform the Ministry of Social Policy in more detail about the change in rules. Although the department has already announced that I will help with 1 birth as well as for the families who practiced the Torik, but there may be less than 9400 UAH of income per family member.

In addition, you will continue to pay and I will help Ukrainians who live in “smartly safe territories” so that their children do not go to the kindergarten through the misfortune.

“We will respect that the mother does not work in situations independent of her, and is also concerned about supervising her children,” explained Minister of Social Policy Oksana Zholnovich.

Photo: Wi-pay for displaced people does not cut off 1 fierce (Getty Images)

The cost of living allowances for internal movements of persons is related to the benefits of international partners who provide funds to Ukraine.

As Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for the Reintegration of the Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk has stated, partners can make it possible to continuously verify payments based on their change , and optimization. Vaughn added that there are enough international patterns for the adaptation of migrants.

Check for increased tariffs

Due to the war in Ukraine, the moratorium on tariff increases for some utility services will continue. At the hour of war, I will begin to change prices for hot water, heating, gas.

These rules do not apply to cold water supply and electricity. They are ready to announce that the most important housing and communal services tariffs will remain unchanged without changes at least until the end of the heating season in April 2024.

The largest supplier of gas to the population, NJSC Naftogaz, offers a fixed price of 7.96 UAH/cub.m. At the same time, the company seems that the price may still increase in the coming year.

National Energy and Reproduction Company planned to raise tariffs for cold water by 30% in the middle of last year, but the decision was made after the handing over of power . The quality of the service is still unchanged, but it may vary depending on the region. The tariff is set for the local water utility.

The price of light for the population is set at 2.64 UAH/kW-year, or 1.32 UAH/kW-year at the beginning of the year for people with dual health care.

The tariff for electricity will change, but not for the population, but especially for small non-domestic residents (small enterprises and businesses, electrical installations of which are connected to a certain level with a contractual load of up to 5 0 kW) postalnik Yasno. For these categories of living conditions, the price varies daily.

Photo: housing and communal services tariffs are not affordable for everyone (Yuliya Chervinska, RBC-Ukraine)

Connection of civil servants

In early 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers announced a moratorium on the connection of communal services to the Borg, which was the beginning of a large-scale invasion. From now on, housing and communal services service providers are allowed to:

  • Increase and collect penalties and fines for late and/or improper payment of payments for housing and communal services;
  • Increase/increase the payment of services due to undue and/or unequal payment for services.

In this way, Ukrainians can once again “drink” light, gas and water, as they are polluted. At the same time, the fence will gather together the Borg to continue their activities for the citizens who live in the zone of active combat operations, in the territories currently occupied, and for those whose lives were damaged as a result of the war.

Postal workers have the right to foreclose on the given services, since the household has not paid for the other obligations in the term specified in the contract (calculate 10-30 days after the set date for payment). However, the culprit is obligated to inform you of the following letter notifications.

The Yasno company has announced that the first connections of fighters may begin as early as 2024. Kerivnik Y ASNO Serhiy Kovalenko indicated that they will not be disconnected” everyone in a row,” and behind the singing criteria – a sum of money, it’s too long ago. He also explained what to do so that the light is not turned off.

“Clarify your statements, submit them correctly and without prejudice to the Borg, and for those who find it difficult to pay, the state has disbursed subsidies, which can be applied for immediately using a simplified procedure,” said Kovalenko.

Photo: power supply is pinned behind the borgs (Vitaliy Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The report on the moratorium on the connection of housing and public utility services and the reduction of fees can be read in the RBC-Ukraine article “Paying for rakhanki. In Ukraine, it was again allowed to turn on electricity, gas and water for the fees: how it works.”

Delivery and sales of goods ” Ukrposhta”

“Ukrposhta” continues to deliver goods to the deoccupied and front-line territories of Ukraine. The pilot project may start on February 1, 2024.

The Ministry of Reintegration informed that JSC “Ukrposhta” is revoking the license for sales of medicinal products in regular postal stationary stations numerous branches.

This initiative will allow us to solve the problem of available cards on 100% of the territory of Ukraine already in the first half of 2024. Residents can be deprived of access to essential medical services through the “hot line”.

Previously, it was reported that the Ukrainian authorities are on the list about the world before the IMF approval (Memorandum) allows progress no tariffs for gas and electricity for the population.

Guess what, they explained to the Ukrainians which payment for utility bills is better than the paper one or the electronic one.

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