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Hetmans about the introduction of a military tax for private entrepreneurs and no less: The Cabinet is preparing a bill

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is preparing a bill that will ensure the provision of additional funds to the budget . Zokrema, they want to distribute the military tax for private enterprises.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this by sending a request for an application to the head of the financial committee of the Supreme Court for the sake of Danil Getmantsev on air during the telethon.

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He guessed that the Ministry of Finance is working on increasing the revenues of the state budget by 44 billion hryvnia. We want to earn money for the increase in military tax collection, the implementation of military tax collection for private entrepreneurs, for legal payers of a single tax, for all types of operations with an intact mine and jewelry stores.

According to the people’s deputy, in The household prepared a complex of propositions, including I want to collect 44 billion hryvnia.

“This is what the Cabinet of Ministers is passing on to us as a bill. We are already looking at this bill in February,” added Getmantsev.

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I guess it’s today’s 4th February , The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has submitted a plan for the mobilization of additional resources to the state budget in 2024.

In order to remove additional revenue from the budget, the Ministry of Finance wants to issue a military for private entrepreneurs, single tax payers and more.

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