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How many Ukrainians came to Poland at the beginning of a full-scale war: data from border guards

Over 18 million people moved to Poland from Ukraine as a large-scale invasion grew Its occupiers.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this from messages sent to the border guard of Poland on Twitter.

For information from border guards, 31 breasts per At checkpoints from Ukraine to Poland, 19.8 thousand people entered.

“Since February 24, 2022 – over 18.145 million people,” the agency said.

U the same hour, 31 Breasts, 11.2 thousand people moved to Ukraine from Poland.

“Since 24 February 2022 – over 16.368 million people,” added the border guard.

Departure Ukrainians behind the cordon

Guess what, the camp was aware that after the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion, 2.4 million Ukrainians fled beyond the cordon and did not turn back.

We also wrote that the biggest reason for the turn back to Batkivshchyna among Ukrainian refugees.

At this time, the Derzhprikordon service released data about how many conscripts are leaving Ukraine today.

Terms and important information about you Read the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC channel Ukraine on Telegram.

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