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How much do dollars and euros cost: exchangers updated exchange rates for the beginning of this year

The dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of Ukraine continues to decline due to the fall in the interbank market . The single European currency has also fallen in price.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in its market monitoring reports.

As of 15 September, the average dollar sales rate in Ukraine fell by 5 kopecks to 38. 90 hryvnia, the euro exchange rate fell by 5 kopecks to 42.70 hryvnia.

In exchange offices, they buy a dollar from the middle at 38.40 UAH, a euro at 42.00 UAH.

At Mizhbank, the exchange rate today is at 37.88-37.93 UAH/dollar (purchase and sale) – The increase by 4 kopecks was equalized with the results of the previous day.

Official rate

NBU lowered the official dollar rate to the minimum from the end of the month. The official exchange rate for September 15, 2024 was set at the following level: 37.8386 UAH per 1 dollar (-0.1596 UAH). The euro exchange rate becomes 41.3879 hryvnia per 1 euro (-0.3531 UAH).

Forecast for the year

As Taras Lesovy, head of the treasury department at Globus Bank, told RBC-Ukraine, at which time it is possible to obtain insurance for those that the market will turn to the trends of the chest, the essence of which lies in the post-term close exchange rates of the interbank and the ready-made market and created і changes of mind to a unified exchange rate.

As the expert predicts, from 15 to 21 the main market indicators will be as follows:

  • on the interbank bank through the activity of the regulator, the stock exchange rate corridor is 38-38.6 UAH/dollar and 39-40 .5 UAH/euro, the price is unlikely to move to 0.3 UAH;
  • on the Gotivka market, the corridor of currency exchange rates will be between 38.5-39.5 UAH/dolar and 39-41 UAH/dolar, schodenni exchange rate changes do not move 0.5-0.6 UAH.

It seems that the dollar exchange rate significantly decreased in the last few days and fell below 38 UAH on the interbank market. The official exchange rate dropped to the level shown at the end of last year – 37.83 UAH/dollar. The reason was the change in the foreign currency deficit at the Interbank Bank, through which the NBU reduced the sales of dollars. Apparently, on the ready market the exchange rate fell below 39 hryvnia.

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