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How much do dollars and euros cost: latest exchange rates in exchangers

The dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of Ukraine is three times. The single European currency has fallen in price.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in its market monitoring reports.

The average dollar sales rate in Ukraine is up by 5 kopecks for the 15th quarter 39, 55 hryvnia, the euro exchange rate fell by 15 kopecks to 42.75 hryvnia.

In exchange offices, you buy a dollar from the average for 39.05 hryvnia, euro for 42.05 hryvnia.

On The interbank rate today is at 39.30-39.32 UAH/dollar (purchase and sale) – an increase of 7 kopecks is equal to the previous day.

Official rate

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) moving the course dollar to hryvnia. The dollar has become more valuable for the fifth day since reaching its historical maximum.

The official exchange rate for the 15th quarter of 2024 was set at the following level: 39.399 UAH per 1 dollar (+0.2314 UAH). The highest exchange rate is 27 Bereznya – 39.343 UAH/Dollar.

The Euro exchange rate becomes 41.9678 UAH per 1 EUR (-0.0512 UAH).

Forecast for the exchange rate

As stated in the comments RBC-Ukraine Taras Lisovy, head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, during the period from 15 to 21 quarters on the foreign exchange market of Ukraine there was a possible change in the dollar exchange rate. Just don’t move 1.5-2%.

As the banker noted, the situation on the foreign exchange market is unlikely to change, and the main tactical and strategic actions of the NBU do not change, and there are also daily economic reasons for non-control (unprepared ) and non-streaming changes.

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