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How much do Ukrainians spend: the average bill for cards on the Internet and in stores is named

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through communications to the NBU press service.

According to the press service, the amount of transactions (unprepared and withdrawn preparations) from the supply of payment cards issued by Ukrainian banks and financial institutions, in 2023 amounted to UAH 6 trillion 141 billion. Of these, 90.4% of operations were carried out in Ukraine.

Unprepared operations worth UAH 3 trillion 980 billion were carried out outside the border in Ukraine. The share of unprepared operations reached 65%. During the pre-war 2021 period, this figure reached 61%.

In 2023, as before, the largest transaction from payment cards fell to:

  • to the expansion of trade regulations – 40 .4% for all unprepared transactions (1 trillion 608 billion UAH),
  • for transfers from card to card – 37.1% (or 1 trillion 479 billion UAH).

Payment for goods and services on the Internet grew by 16% in 2023. The price is UAH 646.5 billion.

The average amount of one transaction in Ukraine in 2023:

  • for the trade border – 325 UAH (for the pre-war 2021 growth – 238 UAH),
  • from card to card transfer – 1,972 UAH (1,512 UAH),
  • from payment for goods and services on the Internet – 490 UAH (395 UAH).

According to the NBU, approximately 90.0% of unprepared transactions at the trade border in 2023 were carried out using contactless payment technology and NFC technology.

It seems likely that the average The monthly salary of Ukrainians in 2023 the price was 17,442 hryvnia. The nominal salary of full-time workers increased by 17.5%, lower than in 2022.

The average inflation was 12.9%. As a result, real wages for the region increased by approximately 4.6%.

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