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How to calm a child during a panic attack: for the sake of the Ministry of Health

In the hour of war, through shelling and renewed anxiety among rich people, There are panic attacks. Whose children are not insured.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through communications to the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

What a panic attack

A panic attack is an episode of intense fear or anxiety that occurs for no apparent reason. Attacks are often thwarted when a person experiences extreme anxiety, or after a stressful event. Also, the stench may be due to a previous illness, it is important for that person to consult not only a psychologist/psychotherapist, but also a doctor, to turn off all possible risks.

A panic attack can last up to 30 minutes and does not pose a direct threat to life. Attacks without professional help can be sustained. If you feel repeated episodes of panic attacks, it is important to seek help before getting help.

Symptoms of a panic attack:

How to help a child during a panic attack

Sing to the child that this body, no matter how unacceptable, does not pose a threat to life. You immediately confront him.

Techniques for a panic attack:

Spring into the panic attack cycle:

Direct right:

Others to the right:

Remember that panic attacks are not unsafe for life, but may even be unacceptable. With the help of psychotherapy and/or medication, you can teach your child to control panic attacks. If you sense a panic attack in a child, you will politely seek help from the police.

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