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How to change the risk of getting sick with cancer: for the sake of the Ministry of Health

Keeping up with the recommendations can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Among them, for example, is physical activity, but not just that.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health.

What to recommend in MOH:

  • Be physically active and eat healthy food. Chicken, over-the-counter water, addiction to alcohol, a poor way of living and a lack of growing hedgehogs are the causes of a third of cancer cases;
  • Stay away from chicken and alcohol. Alcohol can cause at least 7 types of cancer, and chicken is the cause of 4 deaths due to cancer.
  • Hepatitis B virus and papillomas cause up to 25% of cancer cases. Encourage your children to be vaccinated against hepatitis B and the human papillary virus.
  • Victory contraception to avoid infection, which will increase the risk of developing cancer;
  • separate the perebuvannya on sontsi. Do not sleep under the sun or a solarium. Ultraviolet exposure is responsible for up to 90% of skin cancers and photoaged skin. Use sleep creams and eye creams throughout the entire river.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains and legumes. Avoid scraped meat, combine the raw meat with a high amount of salt.
  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of developing breast cancer in women.
  • Follow the rules of safety precautions at the hospital.
  • Regular self-care and screening for different types of cancer will increase the chances of early detection of illness, and will therefore reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

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